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Iranian Canadian wins 2018 Daryl Duke Prize

Amir Kahnamouee has been selected as the winner of the 2018 Daryl Duke Prize, an award created to support up-and-coming Canadian film and television writers, for his screenplay, Port of Call.  The prize comes with a $25,000 award.

Vancouver writer scores Daryl Duke prize for first screenplay

Source: Vancouver Sun

Sometimes, summer jobs can really pay off. That is certainly the case for Vancouver’s Kate Bond, who drew on several years spent working as a tree planter in northern B.C., a historical tour guide in the Yukon, and a wildfire lookout in Alberta to craft her first screenplay, Trapline, which has been awarded the $25,000 Daryl Duke Prize.

Vancouver lawyer uses daily bus commute to write prize-winning screenplay

Source: The Globe and Mail

Kate Bond is a Vancouver lawyer, the mother of a young child – and an aspiring writer. She has written eight novels, showing most of them to nobody. In the winter of 2015, she decided to try her hand at screenwriting. She was busy – with a full-time job working as a litigator at the federal Department of Justice, an 18-month-old son who wasn’t always sleeping through the night, and a husband who worked night shifts as a firefighter. Still, over the course of eight weeks, Ms. Bond wrote most of the first draft of a film script during her commute.

Ride bus. Write screenplay. Win big: Kate Bond’s story

Source: National Observer

Kate Bond has the kind of voice that dances joyfully all over the vocal register, fiercely introspective yet disarmingly whimsical. “Writing a screenplay is very different from writing a novel. There’s so much white space on the page,” said the 34-year-old lawyer and writer from Vancouver.

Vancouverite wins $25,000 Daryl Duke Prize

Vancouver resident Kate Bond has been selected as the winner of the 2017 Daryl Duke Prize, an award created to support up-and-coming Canadian film and television writers, for Trapline, her first screenplay. The prize comes with a $25,000 award.

First $25,000 Daryl Duke Prize winner announced

Toronto -- Mark Hoffe, a writer, director, and producer born and bred in Newfoundland and Labrador is the winner of the first ever Daryl Duke Prize, a new award created to support up and coming Canadian film and television writers. Hoffe has won the prize for his...

CBC News: Local screenwriter Mark Hoffe wins $25K prize

May 4, 2016 The first ever Daryl Duke Prize has been awarded to a Newfoundlander and Labradorian. The $25,000 award will help Mark Hoffe develop his fictional screenplay, No Voices in the Sky, into a feature-length film. "There's a certain maverick justice in Daryl...